Print to PDF enabler Mac App

UPDATE: Please read this: Print to PDF – iOS5 workaround

The original Print to PDF app worked by creating a virtual printer that was recognized by the native ‘Print’ menu on your iPhone or iPad. However, since the iOS5 update, the Print menu ignores printers created by the same device that is searching for the printers. This causes the ‘Print to PDF’ virtual printer not to be recognized anymore. The mac app we created enables the printer again by ‘advertising’ it on your wifi network on behalf of the device. This causes the ‘Print’ menu to discover the virtual printer again because the ‘advertising’ of the printer is done by the Mac app instead of the device itself.

We know this is a very restrictive solution but at least gives the chance to continue using the app when your Mac and your device are connected to the same wifi network.

Steps to install and use the enabler app:

1. Download the app from this link:

2. Unzip the file and copy the .app file to your Applications folder or anywhere else on your Mac

3. Run the app on your mac and make sure that your Mac and your iPhone/iPad are connected to the same wifi network

4. Launch Print to PDF on your iPhone or iPad, then you should be able to use the app as before. You should be able to open the mail or safari app and print as you used to.

Please remember to run the enabler app on your mac and the ‘Print to PDF’ app on your device to be able to print.

App screenshot:

Mac enabler app
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